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Broök / Jan 18, 2015
Raid Times:
Wednesday - 8pm to 12am (EST)
Thursday- 8pm to 12am (EST)

Guild Info:
Our only tenet is knowledge. An understanding of the fights we will be attempting and a continued drive to understand and excel at your class is vital. Our limited schedule forces us to use the small amount of time we have efficiently. This means we supply any extraneous raid related tools including food, potions, flasks, enchants and gems.

Seppuku raids tend to be relaxed because many of our raiders have been together for over three years. Players have come and gone, the guild has changed names and servers, and leadership has shifted hands over the years, but one thing remains constant: Seppuku prides itself on being a premiere two night per week raiding guild. Seppuku aims to progress at a pace acceptable to raiders who have hardcore raiding mentalities while only being able to put in two nights per week. We aim to complete all of the raid content on mythic difficulty before the next tier or expansion is released. We strive for speed, but server firsts are not our aim. If the atmosphere and progression level of Seppuku sounds appealing to you, and you fit the criteria of one the class/spec needs listed (or you just think you're superb at your class/spec), feel free to whisper one of the names listed in game below and submit an application.

Required Addons:

Required Communication Type:
Inquiries should be directed to Amylioo, Missfajit, Unholymez, Bröok, or Miniflare.